The Herd

Cool Lynx aka Bay Boy

Cool Lynx aka Bay Boy

MY AMAZING PARTNERS…Both my horses needed homes and found their way into my life. I had no idea at the time why these two challenges presented themselves to me but over time it became very clear.

These horses chose me. They just showed up in my life, each with their own unique challenges that were instrumental in preparing me to do this work. The challenges, over time, turn into deep respect and appreciation of who they are and now they are my amazing partners in Horses Hope For Humanity.

Cool Lynx aka “Bay Boy” is a 13 year old Registered American Quarter Horse gelding, standing 14.3 hands tall. I thought he was a black bay in color, hence his nick name, but he changes colors constantly, all year around. This really fits with his mystical nature.

One look in his eyes and I knew that we were connected but I also sensed he needed a lot of time and healing. His owner offered him to me over and over AND over during next 2 years until I finally realized he was not going away and I brought him home. He has been with me for 10 years and has been, and is today, an amazing teacher for me. I’m a much better human being because of him. It’s about healing, letting go and moving forward.

Bay Boy is an introvert by nature.  He presents himself with a quiet strength and loving presence as he waits for just the right moment to mirror your deepest truths.

His sweet nature and sensitive spirit makes him great for this program.






APOLLO The extravert!  He is “Dennis the Menace” when we’re just hanging out but “magical zen pony” when it’s time to do his serious work. He is a 15 year old Arabian gelding standing at only 13.3 hands tall. He’s small but has a huge presence. With personality and intelligence, he helps people work out problems, big or small while drawing out their deepest truths.

When I received a call 8 years ago from the animal rescue organization asking if I would take this little horse that they hadn’t been able to place, I wondered why I answered “yes” without hesitation. After arriving to pick him up, it only took a few minutes to see why he hadn’t been adopted. For some reason it didn’t stop me from bringing him home. Within a very short time into his training, I found a really good minded wonderful little horse under all that unruly behavior. It wasn’t until later, when I started doing Equine Guided Education (EGE) work that I would find out just how special he was.

Apollo has a special gift of helping people walk through a problem or sort out their true heart and soul. He won’t accept anything less than the truth. He teams up with me, and you, and step by step, takes you through a exercise process, lasting about 2 hours, until you have discovered what is in your deepest truth. It can be anything from discovering your life’s work, under-standing what you want in a relationship, starting a business or even improving your existing business, selling or buying property, healing trauma and even cleaning out the garage. He’s your man.



Sun Dog found us a little over 5 years ago. Our Yellow Lab that sounds like a hound dog when he barks and his nose never leaves the ground if his legs are moving.

“Sunny” was about 7 months old when he found his way to the door and at the feet of my husband and has been there ever since.

The community report was… this furry little puppy had been wandering up and down the highway for about a week. He ended up at the door of my husband’s work very hungry and begging for food. At the end of the day, my husband had to step over him to leave the office and come home. The next thing that this adorable little guy knew was that he was in the truck and heading to his new home.

He thinks that my husband is the greatest person in the world and we just adore him.

Sun Dog waits outside of the arena patiently observing until he is needed.




Maddy is a 14 year old German Shepherd, the matriarch of the family.

She found her way to us when she was only 7 months old. She had been abandoned and in need of a home.  Her incredible sweet nature has been such blessing to our family.

As she watches over us from a distance ~  waiting for the perfect moment to appear and offer her nurturing assistance and guidance to those in need.

Her role as matriach is evident as the other animals seem to follow her direction respectfully. She takes her role as the leader and healer of the heart very seriously.