Equine Guided Education brings the healing power of horses to humans where the horse become the teacher and guide you to open to your intuition and through their teachings, you’ll experience profound insight into your truth as they mirror and reflect into self discovery and deeper awareness for the purpose of healing and clarity.

Intuition is founded in part on astute observation—something animals are much better at than humans. In the deadly tsunami that swept the coasts around the Indian Ocean in 2004, for instance, few wild animals were killed. Researchers theorize that they were tipped off by sound waves or ground vibrations and ran for higher ground. There’s evidence that humans can sense these types of cues, too, but we’re usually too busy paying attention to other, noisier stimuli to notice. Read more:

“Spirit” the black panther

Animal Communication

Domesticated Horses have not lost their keen sense of intuition that they had in the wild. Horses have a very keen sense of intuition and an uncanny ability to sense what is not spoken. Because of this they can often see things about us that we may not even be aware of. They are great teachers for us in the domain of intuition and intention.

Your Facilitator, FELISA HOLMBERG:
Certified Equine Guided Educator (Equine Guided Education Association)

Study and Experience:
Study and experience in directed contemplative therapy, a practice which has provided me rich insight into the mind and its states, including uncovering and moving beyond conditioning.
Experienced with dyadic contemplation as a psycho-spiritual practice providing me transpersonal experience, as well as enhanced skills in “non- judgmental listening,” empathic understanding and unconditional acceptance.
Personal experience with family of origin issues, healing stuck interpersonal relating dynamics, and boundary issues. I have experience in marriage, child raising and business.

Other Certifications:
Rolfer of Structural Integration, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist and Visceral Manipulation, Large Massage Practitioner, Equine Structural Integration.

“By Incorporating all modalities that lend themselves to client understanding, observation, and interpretation. The Combination of skills has helped develop my senses to feel beyond myself and open my intuition and allows me to incorporate my passion of horses with my passion helping people find healing and purpose.” ~ Felisa H.
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