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I thought I understood the dynamics of Felisa’s work with her amazing partners, Apollo and Bay Boy. It wasn’t until I experienced the journey of personal involvement that I really absorbed what transpires during their incredible inner spiritual gift to connect and guide through mental telepathy.

There really are no words to explain my state of mind and the overall hora that takes place while the horses interact and communicate through obvious actions while Felisa and I verbally discussed and I shared my desires in life.

I could feel the energy as Apollo would clearly meditate and work spiritual to give me the confidence and approval to proceed with my passions and desires.

A part of me is still trying to process what had happened and the other part of me craves the idea to experience it all over again.

Never in my life have I felt what developed between the two horses and myself. Like I said before, there really are no words……Brenda



Ready to stand in personal power and create her life in passion and purpose!

Personal Growth and Transformation Weekend Retreat in Ocean Shores

“I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in this amazing workshop with Felisa. I am unsure of where to even begin. The opportunity presented itself to me at the most perfect time. I was going through several life changes and struggles. I was in a sense lost. I was skeptical to participate at first due to the fact that I have no experience with horses. Upon letting go of the unknown, I embraced the opportunity and I can tell you it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Felisa is on to something in the EGE workshops she presents for us. The horses have a gift to give if we just open up to them. They really do! They listen and offer an uncanning feeling of support and reassurance. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced and to this day, months later, I find myself thinking back when I am to make an important decision and it reminds me to own what the universe has provided with. It may be scary, or seem like the road less traveled, but I am here to tell you, by owning your choices and opening your hearts desires to the universe, you allow something magical to happen”.

Shyla Fox