When you have a clear vision, others are interested and want to know more.

When you have a clear vision, others become interested and want to know more.

Leadership Workshop

September 8-9, 2014

What do horses have to do with wellness, personal growth and leadership? How does this program differ from other leadership programs?

The Horses Hope For Humanity Program teams up with horses to guide executives into a deeper understanding of leadership styles and self-awareness. Horses mirror your behavior back to you. Self-awareness is crucial to leadership coaching and horses can heighten your understanding as it becomes a profound embodied experience. The new found awareness leaves an impression that stays with you long after the experience has past.

Learn about unspoken communication and boundaries while listening to your own intuition. Perceive the truth beyond the words and trust your ability to read the slightest unspoken communication. This can give you an advantage in knowing what people are actually saying beyond their words and enhance your performance skills in conflict management and communication.

To understand the truth about another, you first have to know the truth about yourself.

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