Tides Of Change

Tides of Change~ By Felisa Holmberg

While riding on the beach a couple days ago, it wasn’t long before I noticed the gentle warm healing waves of summer had now turned to into a wild and powerful force. As the tide rushed in, a sneaker wave (sometimes also referred to as a sleeper wave, a disproportionately large coastal wave that appears without warning. They are much larger than preceding waves, sneaker waves can catch unwary  people walking or standing on beaches and ocean jetties and be  washed away into the sea)  almost knocked my horses off their feet as their bodies wobbled and knees buckled, I felt the dizziness myself as I attempted to try to keep the horse I was riding on his feet.

I moved up the beach closer to the dunes and safer ground as I  headed back towards my trailer. Minutes later, another sneaker wave chased us into the dunes. Realizing this was a really big tide coming in I began to speed up my pace to get back to my truck.  I had just one obstacle between me and getting off the beach and it was the creek.  As I stood at edge of the creek bank, I watched as the ocean sent 2 foot waves rushing up the creek. As the water flowed back out, another wave was already coming in, leaving deep water with turbulence and whirlpools in the space between waves. I stood there wondering if I was going to get back across, driftwood and foam swirling and being tossed about. Mother Nature had my full attention and all my senses were awakened as I watched for the perfect moment to jump in.

In writing about my adventure, I realized how blessed I am to have so many exciting adventures and the most wonderful partners to share these amazing adventures with. What a great life metaphor it is… everything changes. Change happens in every moment. We can’t stop it and if we try, it can become very painful.

I have faced a few sneaker waves along my journey through life. When we are asleep, the sneaker waves roll in, sometimes knocking us off our feet. It wakes us up as we climb to our feet again and wondering what just happened.  The universe knows when we need change.  It can be frightening but fear is just a barrier and once we walk through fear, it’s powerless.

When we are asleep, we are ignoring our intuition and we get tossed around in turbulence. Our intuition is our compass and guide. We can choose to be asleep or we can open our senses and watch for the calm places and step in and walk through with grace.